VW’s Skoda 2019 deliveries drop to 1.24 million as bleaker China sales biting

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VW’s Skoda 2019 deliveries drop to 1.24 million as bleaker China sales biting

Wolfsburg-based German automaking group, Volkswagen AG’s Skoda Auto sales dipped last year to 1.24 million vehicles, as weaker sales in China, world’s largest auto market, appeared to be raising an alarming bell over the automaker’s passenger car sales, Volkswagen’s Skoda Auto said in a statement on Monday, the 13th of January 2020.

In point of fact, as a mass-scale economic slowdown fear had been widening its wings over the past 12 months amid an 18-month long Sino-US trade war, apparently, auto markets in the emerging nations alongside China had been the heaviest hits, while in the Unites States, auto sales alongside factory activity had dropped significantly as well.

Amid such a dubious narrative in the global economy, Skoda’s performance seemed to be better given the extent of drop other larger automakers’ passenger car sales had witnessed thus far including General Motors, Nissan, Hyundai, Toyota, Renault and a many more across the five continents, suggested analysts.

Nonetheless, Skoda had also added in its Monday’s (January 13th) statement that its shipping in China had dropped 17.3 per cent in China last year on an annualized basis, while the automaker’s deliveries in other parts of the world had been 5.3 per cent up.

Apart from that, during the holiday seasons, between November 5th and December 31st, Skoda’s deliveries surged more than 9.1 per cent to 114,700 vehicles.