Polish watchdog fines Volkswagen over ‘dieselgate’ scandal

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Polish watchdog fines Volkswagen over ‘dieselgate’ scandal

On Wednesday, the 15th of January 2020, Warsaw-based Poland’s consumer watchdog, UOKiK, had issued a statement saying that it would be fining the German automotive industry tycoon Volkswagen AG $31.6 million or 120 million zlotys for misleading consumers about the emission of its vehicles, remarking the latest to join a string of nations which had been harpooning the Wolfsburg-based world’s leading carmaker more than four years.

In point of fact, the Wolfsburg-based carmaker had been the first to acknowledge that its vehicles had pre-installed devices to cheat emission tests, which eventually led to a slew of lawsuits in the United States and some of the EU countries, costing the German carmaker more than €30 billion in fines, vehicle refits and legal expenses since 2015.

Meanwhile, adding that Volkswagen’s diesel-run units could inflate environmental pollutions, President of the Polish consumer anti-trust watchdog, Marek Niechcial said in a statement on Wednesday (January 15th), “False information in advertising materials caused misinformation - they referred to Volkswagen’s pro-ecological attitude, when in fact the cars were not environmentally friendly.

” As a repercussion, questioning Polish UOKiK’s legal grounds to fine the German carmaker, Volkswagen AG said in a statement late on Wednesday (January 15th), “Volkswagen Group Poland does not see legal grounds for the fine published today by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection in Poland (UOKiK).

Customers have not suffered any damage. The Volkswagen Group has been conducting a service campaign related to EA189 diesel engines since 2016. ” However, Volkswagen AG had yet to confirm on whether it would appeal against UOKiK’s decision.