Samsung appoints new mobile chief as Huawei lures away chip market shares

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Samsung appoints new mobile chief as Huawei lures away chip market shares

S. Korea-based technology conglomerate, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., the world’s No. 1 smartphone vendor said on Monday, the 20th of January 2020, that the tech tycoon’s board of directors had appointed its youngest President ever as the head of its Smartphone wing, as the world’s leading smartphone vendor had been seeking to defend its market shares amid growing challenges from China’s Huawei Technologies alongside other smaller and cheaper rivals.

Aside from that, according to the South Korean tech conglomerate’s Monday’s (January 20th) statement, the world’s No. 1 smartphone vendor had also promoted the chief of its network gear manufacturing business, which analysts said was almost entirely influenced by an ongoing US lobbying aimed at persuading them to prevent access of the world’s No.

1 telecom equipment manufacturer. On top of that, latest move from the South Korean tech conglomerate came against the backdrop of a highly competitive fifth-generation equipment market, while Samsung thought to have taken an initial lead, but Huawei had also stepped up its sales of fifth-generation capable smartphones alongside networking devices.

Meanwhile, addressing to a broad-based revamp of Samsung’s management, an analyst at Counterpoint, Tom Kang said on Monday (January 20th), “Samsung’s reshuffle seems aimed at coping with a potential major market change with the new technology.

The young executive is known to be decisive and so is likely to respond swiftly to that change to defend Samsung’s lead from Huawei. ”