Google researchers find security flaws in Apple’s Safari

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Google researchers find security flaws in Apple’s Safari

A group of Google researchers found several potential security flaws in the Cupertino-based iPhone maker Apple Inc.’s Safari web browser, while the Google researchers also said Apple Inc.’s Safari could allow illicit tracking of users’ browsing behaviour, opening the doorway to another legal battle for the iPhone maker on privacy breach issue, a Financial Times report published late on Wednesday (January 22nd), had unveiled citing a research paper which FT said would be published as early as this week.

In point of fact, according to Wednesday’s (January 22nd) Financial Times report, it appeared that the iPhone maker itself has long been shelving a specific toolkit inside the browsing software that usually protects users’ privacy, but on certain conditions could grant access to third parties to obtain sensitive user information including browsing habits.

Aside from that, the Financial Times report had also added that the Alphabet Inc.-owned world’s No. 1 internet service provider, Google LLC., had already disclosed the flaws to Apple Inc. back in the August of 2019. Nonetheless, in a blog post last month, an Apple Inc.

engineer was quoted saying that the iPhone maker had fixed the bugs disclosed by Google researchers, while citing the soon-to-be-published paper, Wednesday’s (January 22nd) FT report underscored the iPhone manufacturer still had that special toolkit at its Safari web browser that usually protects user information, but on certain condition the pandora’s box could be opened and the keys could have been at the hands of iPhone maker itself.