Visa, Mastercard cap swing higher, en route to next $1 trillion companies

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Visa, Mastercard cap swing higher, en route to next $1 trillion companies

It had been roughly sixteen months since the Cupertino, CA-based iPhone manufacturer, Apple Inc., had reached the $1 trillion market cap for the first time in history, however, later other Silicon Valley Valientes including Inc.

had reached the $1 trillion in market valuation, but it remains to be seen which US companies would be able to stretch out as much as $1 trillion in market capitalization over the coming years. Meanwhile, a perspicacious bunch of Wall St.

analysts whispering that the next US Company which could reach $1 trillion market cap, might be the payment processors likes of Mastercard Inc., Visa Inc. or American Express. In point of fact, despite a withering wave of expenses including those of customer rewards and loyalty programs, credit, debit and prepaid card issuers such as Visa and Mastercard were forging ahead in the New York Stock Exchange, while the card issuers are currently ranked at 7th and 11th respectively in the benchmark Standard & Poor 500 index.

Meanwhile, contemplating the card issuers annualized gains over the past three years on an average, both Mastercard and Visa would likely to be well above $1 trillion mark by 2023, even if they could not keep up their current torrential pace of gains, suggested analysts, while if they could maintain their current pace, market caps of the card issuers were expected to override valuations of Facebook Inc. alongside Buffet’s Berkshire over the course of next three years.