Vodafone to remove Huawei equipment from European network after UK Government order

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Vodafone to remove Huawei equipment from European network after UK Government order

On Wednesday, the 5th of February 2020, the Chief Executive Officer of the Berkshire-based British multinational telecom company, Vodafone Group Plc. operating in five continents, Nick Read said to the reporters in a regular press briefing that the British telecom conglomerate would eradicate China’s Huawei Technologies’ telecommunication equipment from the core of its European network.

More importantly, recent comment from the Vodafone Chief Executive, Nick Read came forth a day after the British PM Boris Johnson had decided to sacrifice a few years in fifth-generation network development by restricting the Chinese company’s role in Britain, bowing down to a sequel of US lobbying effort.

In point of fact, China’s Huawei’s closest competitors in fifth-generation network gear maker such as Ericsson and Nokia, had still been passing through a foetal period, while erasing Huawei telecom gears from Europe would likely to delay 5G rollout in Europe by at least a year.

Meanwhile, referring to the UK Government’s decision to bar Huawei’s access in to the nation’s core networking over suspicion of espionage on behalf of china, an allegation that the world’s No. 1 telco gear maker had long been denying, Vodafone CEO Read said to the reporters on Wednesday (February 5th), “We have now decided, as a result of the EU toolbox and the UK government’s decision, to take out Huawei from the core.

This will take around five years to implement at a cost of approximately 200 million euros. It hugely impacts customers and the quality of networks if we are forced to do an accelerated swap. Although this isn’t an issue in the UK, I wouldn’t want this for Europe. ”