Toyota to make 100,000 pickups a year in new Mexican plant

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Toyota to make 100,000 pickups a year in new Mexican plant

On Thursday, the 6th of February 2020, the Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer, Toyota Motor Corp., world’s tenth-largest company by revenue, had issued a statement saying that the carmaker was exploring an option to step up production at its new Mexican plant up to 100,000 pickups per year by the end of 2021, pointing towards a leapfrog to sway away its production line of popular Tacoma trucks to Mexico from the US.

Aside from that, the Japanese multinational automotive industry tycoon, Toyota Motor Corp. employing 364,445 employees as of December 31st, 2019, had also added in its Thursday’s (February 6th) statement that its Mexican plant at the central state of Guanajuato alongside another older production hub near US-Mexico border would ramp up Toyota’s Mexican production line to manufacture up to 266,000 trucks a year when fully operational.

Besides, the Toyota Motor Corp., which had sold roughly 249,000 units of Tacoma trucks last year, up about 1.3 per cent on an annualized basis, was also quoted saying at its Thursday’s (February 6th) announcement that the Japanese carmaker was expected to manufacture nearly 95 per cent of its US pickup truck deliveries in the Mexican plants by 2021.

Meanwhile, addressing to a shift of almost entire production line of Toyota’s Tacoma pickup trucks in to Mexico, a Chief Administrator Officer for Toyota, Christopher Reynolds said in an event while inaugurating the Guanajuato plant on Thursday (February 6th), “Tacoma production will be concentrated right here in Mexico.

What this means is that the Mexican manufacturing facilities of Toyota will build all the Tacomas that serve the mid-size pickup segment in the North American market. ”