Apple to delay reopening of retail stores in China

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Apple to delay reopening of retail stores in China

On Friday, the 7th of February 2020, the Cupertino, CA-based iPhone manufacturer, Apple Inc. had issued a statement saying that the iPhone maker had been planning to prolong shutdown of its retail stores in China due to the coronavirus epidemic which killed more than 650 people over the past two weeks and infected 32,000.

Nonetheless, the iPhone make had also added in its Friday’s (February 7th) statement that the company was looking forward to open its corporate offices alongside contact centres as early as by next week. Besides latest comment from the iPhone manufacturer comes over the heels of a prior comment made earlier this month, while the iPhone maker was quotes saying that it would shut down all of its retail stores and corporate offices in Mainland China until at least February 9th.

Meanwhile, since an epidemic in China has been hinting a holocaust on Apple Inc.’s first quarterly profit, Apple Inc. said in a statement on Friday (February 7th), “We are working toward re-opening our corporate offices and contact centres the week of February 10, and we are making preparations to reopen our retail store.

We will continue to update our customers as opening dates are finalised. ”