Tesla can state subsidies for a Gigafactory in Germany, says Economy Minister

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Tesla can state subsidies for a Gigafactory in Germany, says Economy Minister

On Sunday, the 9th of February 2020, in an interview with a German newspaper, Welt am Sonntag, German Economy Minister, Peter Altmaier said that the US-based e-vehicle industry leader, Tesla Inc., which had recently purchased some lands at the outskirts of Berlin in a bid to create a manufacturing hub solely dedicated to “Made in Germany” Tesla vehicles, could get state subsidies in Germany, suggesting a welcoming notion for Tesla Inc.’s Berlin Gigafactory.

In point of fact, the German Government had already hinted supports for e-vehicle battery manufacturing companies as part of its broad-based plan to become carbon neutral, while at the same time this particular act of German Government would secure local manufacturing jobs amid tougher emission rules in the Europe which had been curbing demands of diesel-run passenger cars.

Meanwhile, adding that to quality for receiving state subsidies the e-vehicle companies would require to maintain certain pre-requisites in the areas of battery efficiency and sustainability, German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier said to the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag in an interview on Sunday (February 9th), “In my conversations with (Tesla CEO) Elon Musk I have always made clear that there are no privileges but also no discrimination.

Also, Germany has to be more than an extended workbench. There needs to be research and development, too. All companies that fulfill these criteria have a chance to be supported - including Tesla. ”