Don’t discriminate against Huawei on 5G networks, China urges France

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Don’t discriminate against Huawei on 5G networks, China urges France

On Sunday, the 9th of February 2020, the Chinese embassy in France had urged the French Government of Centre-left President Emmanuel Macron not to treat Huawei unfairly adding the Chinese government feared the world’s No.

1 telecom gear maker might face sheer discrimination following a year-long lobbying effort from the US President Donald Trump alongside his administration. In point of fact, since December 2018, China’s Huawei Technologies, the most dominant force in global telecom network development, had been at the centerpiece of a bitter rivalry between nearly 18-month-long Sino-US trade war, while Trump Administration had repeatedly alleged the company of conducting espionage on behalf of China, an accusation proof of which had never been found.

Amid such garrulous debates on whether to trust Huawei Technologies, which has been miles ahead of its closest competitors likes of Nokia or Ericsson, France had yet to decide on its next-gen wireless technology, while the government’s stance on Huawei Technologies lacked transparency according to some telecom industry trade bodies.

Meanwhile, urging clarity on France’s stance over Huawei Technologies fifth-generation networking equipment, the Chinese embassy on Paris said in a statement on Sunday (February 9th), “If, due to security concerns, the French government truly does have to impose constraints on operators, it should establish transparent criteria around this and treat all companies equally.

We do not wish to see the development of European companies in China affected due to discrimination against Huawei and protectionism in France and other European countries. ”