Boeing scores no January order for the first time since 1962

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Boeing scores no January order for the first time since 1962

Boeing Co., the Chicago, Illinois-based planemaker that had lost its aviation industry crown to European rival Airbus SE last year following a its worst downturn in orders in decades, had not been able to book a single new order in January, remarking the first time the US-based multinational low-cost aircraft carrier manufacturer had clocked an empty-handed January order tally in nearly six decades, as the planemaker had still been languishing lavishly over its 737 MAX fallouts which remained grounded since March 10th last year.

Adding further strains in to the planemaker, Boeing Co., which had been bleeding nearly $1 billion a month from compensations, liabilities and flight cancellations of its best-selling grounded 737 MAX, had to halt its production lines in January amid lack of new orders.

On the flipside of the coin, Boeing Co.’s European rival Airbus SE, which had been at the epicentre of an aircraft subsidy dispute between EU and US, booked its largest January orders in more than a decade and a half, while the Leiden, Netherlands-based European Aviation industry giant had books 274 net orders after cancellation last month.

Nonetheless, adding a shimmering ray of hope, the US FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) had signalled later last month that Boeing Co.’s 737 MAX was expected to return back in to commercial operation by end-April.