Facebook to begin fact-checking partnership with Reuters ahead of 2020 US election

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Facebook to begin fact-checking partnership with Reuters ahead of 2020 US election

On Wednesday, the 12th of February 2020, the Menlo Park, CA-based social networking tycoon and owner of the four out of top six internet services providers across the globe, Facebook Inc., had issued a statement saying that the Silicon Valley Goliath had reached an accord with the news agency Reuters, owned by the Thompson Reuters Corp., in a bid to cross-check political contents posted at its platforms alongside its photo-sharing app Instagram, suggesting a potential step up in content security protocols ahead of November 2020 US Presidential election.

In point of fact, since the Cambridge Analytica mishap during 2016’s Presidential election when a potential security breach in the British data analytic firm had led to an unveiling of millions of profiles of American nationals to a number of campaigners, influencers and meddlers including Kremlin, Facebook Inc.

had been facing off steep pressure to remove falsified posts and contents from its platforms ahead of the November 2020 US Presidential election, while in December 2019, the social networking industry behemoth had rolled out a US pilot program aimed at detecting malicious information much earlier.

Besides, in a separate statement, the Thompson Reuters Corp.’s news agency, Reuters was quoted saying on Wednesday (February 12th) that a new unit was created at Reuters in order to fact-check the Facebook contents such as user-generated photos, headlines, videos alongside others for the social networking giant’s US audiences in both Spanish and English.