BP, Shell, Total to use Norway’s onshore power grid to limit carbon emission

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BP, Shell, Total to use Norway’s onshore power grid to limit carbon emission

On Wednesday, the 12th of February 2020, the London-based British oil and natgas supermajor, BP Plc. said in a letter to UK’s Oil and Energy Ministry that the British oil giant alongside Netherlands-based British-Dutch oil company Shell and the French Total SA had been brewing off an option to connect some of their offshore oil fields with a Norwegian onshore power grid solely aimed at reducing carbon emission.

In point of fact, latest approach of BP Plc., Royal Dutch Shell alongside Total SA came forth as a pandemonium appeared to be intensifying on fossil fuel companies from a number of environmentalist campaigners and activist stakeholders who had been threatening to withhold their financing if the companies could not do more to curb carbon emission.

Besides, latest development on emission cuts over the Norwegian shores was brought in to light at the same day the BP boss Looney had called on the steepest carbon emission target the oil industry had ever witnessed, although BP Plc.’s Looney had not unveiled how he was planning to curb out operational carbon emission to net zero by 2050.

Meanwhile, adding that the British oil and natgas supermajor had already submitted an application to link up some of its oilfields with an onshore Norwegian power grid, BP said in a letter to the Britain’s Oil and Energy Ministry on Wednesday (February 12th), “Electrification of these platforms offers significant socio-economic benefits by significantly reducing emissions. ”