British scotch, whiskey exports at record high despite US tariffs

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British scotch, whiskey exports at record high despite US tariffs

Scotch and whiskey exports from Britain climbed to a record peak in 2019, almost entirely gravitated by a boom in sales in Asian emerging economies likes of India and Taiwan that eventually undermined concerns related to added levies in the United States alongside Brexit uncertainties.

According to an annual sales report revealed by the Scotch Whiskey Association on Wednesday (February 12th), overall exports of whiskey and scotches grew by more than 4 per cent to £4.9 billion last year on an annualized basis, while the United States-bound scotches had notched the largest gain with a rise of 2.8 per cent to £1.1 billion in sales despite tariff hikes on some liqueurs which were introduced back in the October of 2020 and scotch whiskey exports to India alongside Taiwan rose by 19.7 per cent and 22 per cent respectively last year.

In point of fact, following a WTO decision on Airbus SE subsidy dispute between EU and US that allowed the United States to incline punitive tariffs on wide-ranging Europe-borne products including French wine, British whiskey and scotches, alongside other cyclical goods, US President Donald Trump alongside his administration had imposed a 25 per cent tariff hike EU-made products and threatened to heighten up the levies as much as up to 100 per cent.

Meanwhile, adding that the added levies on US exports were battering the small distillers, The Scotch Whiskey Association Chief Executive, Karen Betts said in a statement on Wednesday (February 12th), “The tariffs are hitting producers hard, particularly small distillers.

Some are now asking themselves how they can continue exporting to the U.S, whether they can build up alternative markets which is not something that can be done quickly, and if not, how their businesses will cope. ”