Google’s battles against $2.6 billion EU antitrust fine face off steep headwind

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Google’s battles against $2.6 billion EU antitrust fine face off steep headwind

On Thursday, the 13th of February 2020, Alphabet Inc.-owned world’s No. 1 internet service provider, Google LLC., headquartered on Menlo Park, CA, had been met with a cataclysmic setback at some point of its courtroom battle against a $2.6 billion EU anti-trust fine, while one of judges hearing the high-stake legal battle was quoted saying that the company was clearly convicted of committing a “clear infraction” or mismanagement during its dealing with price-comparison shopping services, pointing towards another legal backlash for the Menlo Park, CA-based world’s No.

1 search engine provider. In point of fact, as Google LLC. had been seeking to overturn an earlier ruling that went against it and inclined a $2.6 billion in punitive measures over allegations of mischievous EU anti-trust practices, recent remarks from one of the five judges at Europe’s General Court, the bloc’s second-highest, came at the second-day of the three-day long trial.

Meanwhile, submissively alleging the search engine provider of alleged and unfair favouring of its own price-comparison shopping services that left smaller European rivals nearly barefooted, the Irish judge Mac Eochaidh said during Thursday’s (February 13th) trial, “For me, this case really is visibility.

This is a very important point in the case. It is perfectly apparent what has happened is this: you have promoted your own service and demoted that of others. ”