IBM pulls out of San Francisco Tech Conference over coronavirus frets

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IBM pulls out of San Francisco Tech Conference over coronavirus frets

Earlier on Saturday, the 15th of February 2020, the Armonk, NY-based American multinational information technology company, International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) had issued a statement saying that the infotech mogul had reached a decision to suspend its participation in the RSA cyber security conference scheduled to take place between February 24th and February 28th over concerns of a fast-spreading coronavirus epidemic in China, joining a league of eight tech heavyweights who had already cancelled their participation over similar reason.

In point of fact, adding that the health of IMB executives remained as the key priorities for the NY-based information technology titan, IMB said in a tweet earlier on Saturday (February 15th), “The health of IBMers is our primary concern as we continue to monitor upcoming events and travel relative to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We are cancelling our participation in this year's RSA conference. ”

Followed by the IBM announcement, RSA had also issued a statement on late on Saturday (February 15th) that it would proceed with its planned schedule despite IBM’s decision to not to attend the conference as a “Platinum Sponsor,” adding 0.80 per cent of the expected participants had cancelled their registration thus far.

Besides, since a corporate meeting in Singapore earlier on January was believed to be the reason behind spreading the coronavirus epidemic in to the western part of the world including UK, United States and France, which eventually had spurred up frets among the white collars, earlier on Saturday (February 15th), the social networking tycoon, Facebook Inc. had also cancelled its participation in a global marketing summit scheduled to take place in San Francisco next month.