Samsung wins 5-nanometre modem chip contracts from Qualcomm Inc.

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Samsung wins 5-nanometre modem chip contracts from Qualcomm Inc.

Samsung Electronics Co., the Suwon-based South Korean multinational electronics industry conglomerate, recently had snatched a contract to manufacture fifth-generation modem chips for the US semiconductor industry tycoon Qualcomm Inc., at least two sources close to Qualcomm Inc.

had unveiled on Tuesday, the 18th of February 2020, on condition of anonymity, pointing towards a cheery course ahead for the semiconductor wing of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. as the S. Korean tech conglomerate has been widening its gap with its fifth-generation modem chip rival, Taiwan’s Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

Aside from that, one of the two sources briefed directly over the issue was quoted saying on Tuesday (February 18th) that under the terms of the new contract, which was yet to be announced, Samsung Electronics would create some of Qualcomm’s X60 modem chips that would be connecting smart phones to fifth generation wireless data network adding that the newer Samsung fifth-generation chips, which are smaller and less power consuming than older versions, would be framed on Samsung’s 5-nanometre processes.

Nonetheless, casting fresh doubts over the newer Samsung deal, another source had added that the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturer Co. was also expected to manufacture 5-nanometre fifth-generation modem chips for the American multinational semiconductor industry Goliath, Qualcomm Inc.