Business jet deliveries hit a decade high in 2019 as new models gleam

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Business jet deliveries hit a decade high in 2019 as new models gleam

On Wednesday, the 19th of February 2020, the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA), a Washington-based aviation industry trade body which has an office in Brussels as well, had issued a statement saying that the 2019 had witnessed a global hit in business jet deliveries, while the surprising figures had surged to a near decade high last year.

On top of that, the Washington-based aviation trade body had also added in its Wednesday’s (February 18th) statement that a robust rise in business jet deliveries was almost entirely driven by an increase in new models, while business jet deliveries in 2019 had spiked as much as 15 per cent to 809 business jets on an annualized basis.

2018 had scored 703 deliveries of business jets, added GAMA at its 2019 year-end statement release. Besides, as expected, during release of 2019’s GAMA annual statement, a number of business jet executives looking to bring in more new models over the coming month, had backed the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) which had been under tremendous pressure regarding Boeing Co.’s best-selling aircraft 737 Max, as the President of Textron Aviation, Ron Draper said to the reporters over the sidelines of GAMA’s annual conference, “2019 certification of (our) super-midsized Cessna Citation Longitude is the most rigorous certification process on any airplane we’ve done in our history.

The FAA orchestrates this like a conductor from the entire process and we have to show compliance on every system every safety aspect of the airplane,” adding that the North American business jet manufacturers were accountable for roughly 67.1 per cent business jet deliveries, the largest market for corporate jets.