London Stock Exchange says on track to close $27 billion Refinitiv deal

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London Stock Exchange says on track to close $27 billion Refinitiv deal

On Friday, the 28th of February 2020, London Stock Exchange Group Plc., the UK-based stock exchange and financial intel company with subsidiaries likes of Borsa Italiana, Russell Indexes, FTSE International and a many more, said that it would conclude its planned $27 billion takeover deal for financial analytics company Refinitiv, 45 per cent owned by the global news group Thompson Reuters that owns Reuters, on time this year adding it had reported an unprecedented rise in annual earning mostly gravitated by an upsurge in clearing activity.

Aside from that, earlier on Friday (February 28th), the LSE Chief Executive David Schwimmer was also quoted saying that it was too early to asses the impact of coronavirus outbreak on its businesses, though money market’s including LSE Group Plc.

owned subsidiaries had shrugged off trillions of dollars over the first four days this week over worries of a withering financial fallout of coronavirus outbreak, if it turns out to be a Pandemic. Meanwhile, adding that every measures had been underway as planned to merge LSE with Refinitiv, LSE Chief Schwimmer who had been serving LSE since 2018 after departing the leading US lender Goldman Sachs, said on Friday (February 28th), “We remain on track to close the transaction in the second half of this year.

With respect to Borsa Italiana, it has been an integral part of the business... and there is no expectation or intention that any of that should change. ”