AT&T teams up with Google Cloud for 5G edge computing

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AT&T teams up with Google Cloud for 5G edge computing

Late on Thursday, the 5th of March 2020, the Google Cloud Chief had confirmed an earlier industry whisper that the United States’ No. 2 wireless data provider AT&T Inc. after Verizon Communications, would partner up with Google Cloud for the fifth-generation computing in a bid to enhance speed alongside security by executing applications close to its end users.

As a matter of fact, edge computing refers to a process where data analysis is performed where it was created before moving in to the cloud, nonetheless, in order to be efficacious, the process requires high speedy wireless connection and tuning the ‘edge computing’ up with a fifth-generation data connectivity could solve the problems.

Besides, as a consequential aftermath of the deal, a number of companies would be able to obtain the best out of edge computing to process huge amount of data generated everyday while the devices alongside appliances would be controlled in the clouds.

Meanwhile, expressing an out-and-out optimism over the deal, Google Cloud Chief Executive Thomas Kurian said in a statement on Thursday (March 5th), “Our co-innovation with AT&T aims to bring a multitude of 5G and Edge Computing solutions to address a diversity of use cases, driving real business value in industries like retail, manufacturing, gaming and more. ”