Brazil’s Bolsonaro downplays Covid-19 impact, says virus threat is a "fantasy"

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Brazil’s Bolsonaro downplays Covid-19 impact, says virus threat is a "fantasy"

On Tuesday, the 10th of March 2020, the far-right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro undermined impacts of the clobbering financial fallouts of coronavirus outbreak across the globe adding that the slanderous market backdrop, where almost every trader from every corner of the world had been on their heels since late-February, had been resulted of a cock and bull “fantasy” created by the global media which according to Bolsonaro did not represent any material threat.

Apart from that, during his recent visit in Miami, Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro was also quoted saying to the reporters on Tuesday (March 10th) that the US President Trump had shown willingness to seal a bilateral free trade deal between the world’s first- and ninth-largest economy, while Brazilian President had also expressed optimism that the talks over a free trade pact could begin soon.

Meanwhile, adding that the Monday’s (March 9th) market crash, which had been the steepest since the ages of great financial depression in 2008, was almost entirely fuelled by the global media, Bolsonaro said to the reporters on Tuesday (March 10th), “During the past year, obviously, we have had moments of crisis.

A lot of that is fantasy. And coronavirus, which is not all the mainstream media makes it out to be. Some of the press managed to turn a fall in the oil price into crisis. I understand that ... it is better (headlines) to drop 30% than to raise 30%. But this is not a crisis. ”