Nike Inc. to shut down all stores in US & several other countries

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Nike Inc. to shut down all stores in US & several other countries

On Sunday, the 15th of March 2020, Nike Inc., the Beaverton, Oregon-based American multinational footwear manufacturing company engaged in worldwide sales and marketing of footwear, apparel, accessories & equipment, had issued a statement saying that the American footwear manufacturer would shut down all of its stores in the United States alongside some other coronavirus-hit countries across the globe to slow down the spread of the pathogen.

Apart from that, the Oregon-based multinational footwear manufacturer had also added in its Sunday’s (March 15th) statement that all Nike Inc. stores in Western Europe, the present epicentre of coronavirus outbreak and the second-worst hit after China from the coronavirus outbreak, alongside Australia, New Zealand and Canada would remain shut down between March 16th and 27th.

In point of fact, earlier this month, Nike Inc. temporarily closed down its European headquarter in Netherlands after one of its employees was diagnosed coronavirus positive. Nonetheless, Nike Inc. did not offer any directives for many of its outlets in the coronavirus-hit countries such as South Korea, Japan and Greater China, which would likely to stay open and to continue their normal operation.

Meanwhile, adding that Nike Inc. had been mulling other options such as work-from-home, the footwear manufacturer said in its Sunday’s (15th) statement, “We are taking additional steps in other Nike-managed facilities, including the option to work from home. ”