Tourism industry under siege as coronavirus contagion spreads

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Tourism industry under siege as coronavirus contagion spreads

On Friday, the 13th of March 2020, the consequential repercussions of the coronavirus spread had spanned across the Pacific from the pathogen’s present epicentre in Europe, as beside the North Pacific amid simmering outlooks of a possible audience-less Olympic, Japanese carriers had begun to slash their output capacities and Austrian tourism firms had already raised an alarming bell over their annual profit, while US airlines had been rushing on to cutting European flights following US President Donald Trump’s travel ban on Europe except Britain and Ireland.

Nonetheless, on Sunday (March 15th), after undergoing a coronavirus test in which the US President Donald Trump was diagnosed coronavirus negative, Trump had extended travel ban to Britain and Ireland as well. Apart from that international travel disruptions, US domestic carrier, United Airlines Holdings Inc.

had also cautioned of lack of demand within the United States, while tens of thousands of Americans in the coronavirus-affected areas appeared to be preparing for a long-term lockdown at their homes. In tandem, a broad-based lockdown of major tourist attractions in the United States such as Walt Disney Co.’s theme park in Florida and California had added to further miseries for the US domestic carriers.

Besides, the leading US aviation industry giant, American Airlines said it would be halving its European capacity by April and its international capacity by 34 per cent, voicing a downscaled note, German airport operator Fraport CEO Stefan Schulte said in a statement later this week, “We have to assume that the strong decline in air traffic volumes will continue during the next few weeks and months”.