Downing St. asks Ford & Rolls Royce to make ventilator for Britons to battle Covid-19

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Downing St. asks Ford & Rolls Royce to make ventilator for Britons to battle Covid-19

On Monday, the 16th of March 2020, UK PM Boris Johnson had met more than 60 businesses alongside organizations and asked them to step up productions of “vital medical equipment” such as Ventilators for the NHS (National Health Service), a spokeswoman for the Downing Street Office said.

Meanwhile, adding that the United Kingdom had urged in particular the British luxury carmaker Rolls Royce, Japan’s Honda alongside United States’ No. 2 automaker Ford Motor Co. to manufacturer health equipment including ventilators to grapple with the withering wave of coronavirus outbreak which had been dangling fire over Britain with 152 newer cases and 20 deaths over the past 24 hours, the Downing St.

spokeswoman said late on Monday (March 16th), “The Prime Minister made clear that responding to coronavirus and reducing the spread of the peak requires a national effort. He asked manufacturers to rise to this immediate challenge by offering skills and expertise as well as manufacturing the components themselves.

Businesses can get involved in any part of the process: design, procurement, assembly, testing, and shipping. ” Aside from that, Britain, which has reported 1,543 coronavirus cases and 55 deaths due to Covid-19 infection, had announced a nationwide shut down on Monday (March 16th) and ordered the most vulnerable Britons to self-isolate themselves for up to 3 months, while the Downing St.

had also asked retired doctors to come back to work and had unveiled a plan to use hotels as hospitals amid steep shortages of beds for the Coronavirus-infected patients.