Google parent Alphabet shares YouTube revenue for the first time after SEC request

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Google parent Alphabet shares YouTube revenue for the first time after SEC request

Mountain View, CA-based world’s No. 1 internet service provider, Google LLC. owner Alphabet Inc. started off revealing the amount of revenues it generated from its YouTube video services after the US SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) had asked the world’s largest search engine provider, Google LLC.

to provide more “quantitative and qualitative” data on its YouTube business, an SEC filing seen by a press agency reporter had revealed late on Monday (March 16th). In point of fact, latest response from Alphabet Inc.

about the whereabouts of its YouTube business and ad revenues followed a comment from US SEC’s corporate finance division dated on last October, where the SEC had asked Alphabet to disclose more detailed intel on YouTube’s revised quarterly data adding, “We note that YouTube, mobile search and desktop search have experienced different growth and monetization rates and enjoy different margins.

As such, they represent significant subdivisions or components of Google properties revenues that should be discussed separately to allow investors to view the company through the eyes of management. ” In response to the US SEC letter, Alphabet Inc.

was quoted saying in a letter dated back to December 20th 2019, “We will separately disclose YouTube advertising revenues, even though there have been no significant changes to our advertising business. ” However, according to the regulatory filings revealed on Monday (March 16th), Alphabet Inc.

said that ad revenues of its YouTube business grew by 31 per cent during Q4, 2019 compared to the same time a year earlier, while its cloud business rose by 53 per cent on a year-on-year basis.