New York Stock Exchange to shut down trading floor from Monday after 2 Covid-19 cases

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New York Stock Exchange to shut down trading floor from Monday after 2 Covid-19 cases

On Wednesday, the 18th of March 2020, the New York Stock Exchange owner, Intercontinental Exchange Inc., the Atlanta, Georgia-based Financial market company that operates 12 regulated stock exchanges and marketplaces, said in a statement that the NYSE trading floor would be momentarily shut down after Friday’s (March 20th) market closure, while the NYSE trading would shift in to a fully electronic trading platform as early as by Monday (March 23rd) in order to slow down the spread of coronavirus pandemic across the United States.

In point of fact, latest remarks from the Intercontinental Exchange Inc. came forth after one of NYSE employees alongside a trader had been diagnosed coronavirus positive, nonetheless, none of them had entered into the NYSE trading floor since March 13th, the Atlanta-based stock exchange operator told on its Wednesday’s (March 18th) statement.

Meanwhile, adding that the trading and regulatory monitoring of all NYSE-listed stocks would continue in the e-trading platforms, Intercontinental Exchange Inc. had also added in its Wednesday’s (March 18th) statement that the company had decided to shut down its equities’ and American option’s trading floors in the New York alongside Arca options trading in San Francisco.

On top of that, adding that the NYSE was capable of handling assets’ trading in electronic platforms, NYSE President Stacey Cunningham said in a statement late on Wednesday (March 18th), “Our markets are fully capable of operating in an all-electronic fashion...and we will proceed in that manner until we can re-open our trading floors to our members. ”