Amazon entices warehouse employees to grocery units with higher pay offs

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Amazon entices warehouse employees to grocery units with higher pay offs Inc., the Seattle, Washington-based world’s largest online retailer employing more than 750,000 workers across the globe, has been working out a proposition of higher pay off of its own warehouse employees to pack and pick food grocery items over the narratives of a growing demand alongside a steep shortage of workers, an internal Inc.

document seen by a press agency reporter had revealed earlier on Saturday, the 28th of March 2020, underscoring an abrupt spike in online sales of grocery items amid mass-scale lockdowns across several US states aimed at slowing down the spread of coronavirus pandemic which had killed more than 2,000 American nationals thus far and infected over 115,000.

Besides, according to Inc.’s internal document leaked by a press agency reporter as beforementioned, the chosen warehouse workers would be paid $19 per hour, a rise of $2 per hour on top of a pay hike announced earlier this month.

Meanwhile, adding that the extra-ordinary situation stemmed from the coronavirus outbreak in the United States had been witnessing an en masse demand surge of the grocery items, the Seattle-based retailing industry Goliath said in a message to its warehouse workers, “The Prime Now business has seen a mass increase in volume and is now offering labour share opportunities.

As we continue to see a significant increase in demand for grocery orders, we are offering temporary opportunities for associates across our fulfilment network to provide additional support. ” As a matter of fact, since the lockdown in several US states, Amazon’s grocery delivery has become the safest lifeline for the Americans to receive grocery items.