T-Mobile completes $23 billion merger with Kansas' wireless operator provider Sprint

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T-Mobile completes $23 billion merger with Kansas' wireless operator provider Sprint

On Wednesday, the 1st of April 2020, the Washington-based United States’ third-largest wireless data provider, T-Mobile had issued a statement saying that the German Deutsche Telecom-owned American wireless network operator, T-Mobile US Inc.

had officially completed its $23 billion merger with the Kansas-based wireless network provider Sprint Corp., cementing its position as the third-largest US wireless provider behind Verizon Telecommunications and AT&T amid a highly monopolized US wireless bandwidth industry.

In point of fact, latest formal conclusion of the deal followed a long leg of legal battle against several US states Attorney Generals alongside activist groups who had claimed a merger between Sprint Corp. and T-Mobile US Inc.

would hurt competitiveness and lead to a price hike for wireless data. Nonetheless, following US FCC’s (Federal Competition Commission) backing on the merger despite initial scepticism from US Commerce Department that had vouched against the merger deal on later last year, T-Mobile finally concluded its merger deal and according to the terms of the deal, the Sprint Corp., which had 54.3 million US customers as of June 2019, would remain a subsidiary of T-Mobile US Inc.

and the combined company would trade on Nasdaq as “TMUS,” T-Mobile US Inc. said in its Wednesday’s (April 1st) statement. On top of that, the merger deal would allow T-Mobile to capitalize on both high-band and low-band spectrums which in effect would enable the company to join the race of a quicker roll-out of 5G wireless data services in the United States, suggested analysts.