Alphabet Inc.’s Google to lift ad serving fees for news publishers

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Alphabet Inc.’s Google to lift ad serving fees for news publishers

On Friday, the 17th of April 2020, the Alphabet Inc. owned world’s largest internet service provider, Google LLC., headquartered in Mountain View, California, said in a statement that the search engine giant which usually curettes its lion-share of revenue from ad services, would lift the pay offs that it used to collect from news publishers for capitalizing on its ad services for the next five months, suggesting a much-anticipated aid for the online news publishers from the world’s No.

1 internet service provider. In point of fact, the news publishers, both online and offline, had been one of the heaviest hits in the pandemic outbreak, as a number of advertisers had to contract their marketing budgets in order to mitigate the menacing impacts of the pandemic-driven uncertainties.

Aside from that, the Mountain View’s American multinational tech conglomerate primarily engaged in online advertisement technologies based on its search engine, cloud computing alongside other data-centre related businesses, was also quoted saying in its Friday’s (April 17th) statement that the online advertisement industry giant had been working out a raft of financial support measures for the pandemic-hit news organizations proffering fundamental journalism, adding that the company would notify the news partners that meet the requirement of its aid packages.

Earlier in March, the search engine behemoth had promised more than $1 billion in fiscal aids aimed at supporting the news organizations down under tremendous pressures to grapple with the pandemic uncertainties.