South Africa wards off lockdown on recessed economy

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South Africa wards off lockdown on recessed economy

On Friday, the 1st of May 2020, South Africa, the most advanced nation in the African continent with a “high” human development index (70.3), had taken the first leap towards reopening its battered economy following one of the stiffest lockdowns across the globe, as South Africa, the most industrialized nation in Africa, has been seeking a harmonious space between containing the pathogen and proffering a much-required relief for the economy which had already been in a shaky ground before the onset of the pandemic outbreak.

In point of fact, precisely five weeks earlier the South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, who is serving his fifth term as the nation’s chief, had ordered the citizens of South Africa to stay at home and lock down all business activities, however, Africa’s most-advanced market-oriented economy of South African had already been in a recession before the pandemic hits its shores, though the country with a 30 per cent unemployment rate attained praises from the WHO due to its all-out efforts to contain the pathogen.

Besides, according to new regulations to resume the economy finalized on Wednesday (April 29th), under the first phase of easing, only the critical sectors such as restaurants for food deliveries, would resume operations with limited staffs, while it still remains unclear whether many businesses would be allowed to reopen at all.

Meanwhile, adding that a reopening of food business for only online deliveries would do more harm than good, Spicy Chicken Chief Executive Mike Cathie said on Friday (April 1st), “Opening for delivery only will lose Nando’s and our franchise partners more money than being closed.