Washington’s Microsoft to invest $1.5 billion in Italian cloud business

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Washington’s Microsoft to invest $1.5 billion in Italian cloud business

On Friday, the 8th of May 2020, Microsoft Corp., the Redmond, Washington-based American multinational technology company which had shifted its gear more on to improvising its cloud service, Microsoft Azure, instead of selling operating systems for personal computers under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella since 2014, had issued a statement saying that the leading cloud services provider across the globe after Amazon’s AWS (Amazon Web Services), had been devising itself to develop the first datacentre in Italy under a $1.5 billion investment plan as the Redmond-based consumer electronics-to-software manufacturer’s cloud services seem to be executing the plan to span its reach across more continents.

As a matter of fact, Microsoft Corp.’s Friday’s (May 8th) announcement comes over the heels of a recent move of Microsoft-rival Amazon.com Inc. which last week had started off a datacentre in the Milan region of Italy.

Apart from that, Italy appears to have become a battleground for market shares in cloud computing services over the recent past, as in March this year, Google Inc. had cut a deal with the Telecom Italia aimed at expanding its cloud businesses in to Italy.

On top of that, aside from Microsoft Corp.’s latest investment on Italy’s cloud businesses, Microsoft team also have a five-year plan underway which is expected to offer access to local cloud services and to launch a raft of AI-based programs such as digital skiing and smart-working.