Washington to cut Huawei off from global chip suppliers as Beijing eyes retaliation

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Washington to cut Huawei off from global chip suppliers as Beijing eyes retaliation

On Friday, the 15th of May 2020, amid an unprecedented revival of Sino-US trade spate over the pandemic outbreak that was originated in Wuhan later last year, the US President Donald Trump alongside his administration had unveiled a new rule to bar sales of semiconductors manufactured by using US technology to the world’s No.

1 telecom gear maker Huawei Technologies, ramping up a rancorous outlook over the trade war frontiers and spurring up frets of Chinese retaliation, eventually flumping down the shares’ prices of the US and European semiconductor makers.

In point of fact, latest rule from the US Commerce Department, under which the US tech-based semiconductor makers would require a license to sell chips abroad including China’s Huawei Technologies, came forth a day after the US President Donald Trump had submissively blamed China behind the global-scale pandemic outbreak which has roughly stalled all kinds of economic activity across the United States and put an end to an eleven-year long gaining streak of US economy.

Meanwhile, adding that the move had been a part of an America First policy, a senior Commerce Department spokesman said followed by the reveal of Friday’s (May 15th) announcement, “This action puts America first, American companies first, and American national security first,” while a Global Times report had unveiled later part of day that Beijing was creating a list of US companies to brand them as “unreliable entity” including the iPhone manufacturer Apple Inc. as part of a new line of retaliation on Huawei issue.