California officials reject subsidies for Musk’s SpaceX over Tesla spat

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California officials reject subsidies for Musk’s SpaceX over Tesla spat

Less than a couple of days after Elon Musk’s e-vehicle industry titan Tesla Inc. had secured a reopening of its Alameda county manufacturing plant as early as by this week, following threats of moving its only US production line out of the US state of California, on Friday, the 15th of May 2020, a California state panel had rejected a request from Tesla Chief’s space venture SpaceX for a stark total of $655,500 in state training funds and jobs, citing Tesla Inc.’s latest threats to move its e-vehicle manufacturing HubSpot out of the state.

In tandem, latest stand-off over state subsidies for Elon Musk’s SpaceX came against the backdrop of Tesla head’s recent sparring with Almeda County officials regarding a reopening of Tesla e-vehicle production line there as beforementioned despite a growing number of pandemic cases in the state.

Besides, according to the members of the California’s Employment Training Panel, on Friday (May 15th), five panel members had voted to defer the SpaceX proposal, while two members had voted in favour of state subsidies and one member had been absent.

Meanwhile, referring to the latest tweets of American billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk on reopening his Tesla manufacturing plant in Almeda County, Gretchen Newsom, a member of the California’s Employment Training panel and the political director of an IBEW electric workers union, said on Friday (May 15th), “In my opinion, given the recent threats of the CEO to leave the state of California, and everything else we’ve discussed today, this proposal does not rise to the level for me to feel secure in supporting it. SpaceX is a different company, but they have the same CEO.