Huawei block-out brings in alligators as Beijing vow to guard Chinese firms’ interest


Huawei block-out brings in alligators as Beijing vow to guard Chinese firms’ interest

On Sunday, the 17th of May 2020, as an inevitable consequential repercussion of a recent Washington rules aimed at barring Huawei Technologies’ access into the global semiconductor market, China’s Commerce Ministry said in a statement that it firmly opposed the latest US move against the world’s No.

1 telecom equipment manufacturer and would carry out all necessary measures required to safeguard the interests and rights of the Chinese firms across the world, urging the US President Donald Trump alongside his administration to immediately stop the scheme.

In point of fact, later last week the United States had introduced a new rule that would require a special permit for any chipmaker using US technology to sell semiconductors to the China’s largest tech conglomerate, suggesting another US move to cripple Huawei Technologies which followed a US blacklisting inclined on the world’s second-largest smartphone vendor last year what analysts said had every potentiality to plunge the US chipmaking industry and to accelerate the Sino-US trade tension further.

Aside from that, ratcheting up possibilities of a longer-than-anticipated financial indentation, China’s state-run newspaper Global Times said in a report later last week that Beijing had been preparing to put wide-ranging US companies on an unreliable entity list including the world’s second-largest aerospace industry megalith, Boeing Co., the world’s largest taxpayer Apple Inc.

alongside the US chipmaker Qualcomm Inc. and a many more, which might face off restrictions on their holdings in China, the home to a fifth of world’s entire population. Meanwhile, referring to United States’ latest move against Huawei as a modern-era piracy alongside a maleficent abuse of power, the Chinese Commerce Department said in a statement on Sunday (May 17th), “The U.S.

has utilized national power and used the so-called national security concern as an excuse, and abused export controls to continue to suppress some particular companies in other countries

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