Florida’s car rental Hertz files for bankruptcy as pandemic totters tourism industry

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Florida’s car rental Hertz files for bankruptcy as pandemic totters tourism industry

Bonita Springs, Florida-based car rental company, The Hertz Corp., a century-old American multinational firm incorporated on Estero and operating over 10,200 franchisee and corporate locations across the globe, had filed for a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection on Friday, as the car rental firm’s tourism-dependent businesses appeared to have hit a blind alley amid the pandemic outbreak which had whacked away a gauge of business activities largely dependent on travel and leisure.

Apart from that, latest move of The Hertz Corp., a subsidiary of Hertz Global Holdings Inc., which had $19 billion in debts alongside 38,000 employees across the globe before the onset of the pandemic outbreak, came against the backdrop of a number of failed negotiations with its creditors to raise fresh financing in order to see through the pandemic outbreak.

Besides, as the Hertz Corp., whose lion-share of revenues comes from the car rentals in airports, has been reeling from forced closures across the world, the Florida-based firm was quoted saying in a statement on Friday that it voluntarily filed for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, nonetheless, the company’s international operating regions such as Europe and Oceania were not involved in the bankruptcy proceedings.

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As a matter of fact, the Florida-based multinational car-rental firm that operates Dollar, Thrifty car-rentals alongside Hertz and has about $1 billion to date, the largest shareholder of which has been the American billionaire investors Carl Icahn, 84, had been in talks with potential lenders followed by a default in car-lease pay out last month, nonetheless, alongside a growing upheaval in the global aviation industry, Hertz Corp.

had ended up in bankruptcy after failing to secure a bailout package, while analysts said its talks with the creditors were compounded further by its beleaguered balance sheet which reveals more than $14 billion in securitized debts.