Washington sees in-person G7 summit by end-June as pandemic weakens

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Washington sees in-person G7 summit by end-June as pandemic weakens

Trump Administration’s National Security Adviser, Robert O’Brien said in a statement on Sunday that an in-person meet of G7 leaders, could take place as early as by end-June, raising possibilities of a further easing of the pandemic-driven forced closure measures adopted by the top seven global economies.

In point of fact, the White House National Security Advisor O’Brien’s latest comment came against the backdrop of a Wednesday remark by the US President Donald Trump, while Trump was quoted saying that the he might revive an idea of a face-to-face meet of G7 leaders near Washington in a near-term outlook adding the meet would draw in a message that the world, which was still trembling over frets of a resurgence of pandemic outbreak followed by the ease of lockdown, had been headed back to normal.

In tandem, echoing the leads of the US President Donald Trump, a senior Elysee official said later last week that the French President Emanuel Macron had no issues in travelling to Washington for an in-person meeting. Nonetheless, earlier on March, the US President had suspended a meet of G7 leaders scheduled to be taken place on June 10, as the pandemic outbreak had bubbled frets of a global-scale spreading.

US to hold in-person summit in June if situations permit

Meanwhile, adding that the White House officials had reasons to believe that the US capital had been close to a plateau or threshold phase of the pandemic outbreak and the United States would like to hold an in-person summit of Group of Seven, O’Brien said on US broadcaster CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday, “The G7 summit, if it happens in person and we think it will, will take place at the end of June…So the president extended the invitation and so far we’ve had a great response.

The logistics - we’ll make sure everybody is tested. We’ll make sure that it’s a safe environment if the leaders can come here. But we’d love to host them in Washington.