Cupertino iPhone maker Apple Inc. to reopen 100 US stores, most with curb-side pickup

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Cupertino iPhone maker Apple Inc. to reopen 100 US stores, most with curb-side pickup

Late on Tuesday, the Cupertino-based iPhone manufacturer, Apple Inc., the largest taxpayer in the United States, had issued a statement saying that the tech tycoon had been exploring an option to reopen roughly 100 US stores adding most of the stores would follow a curb-side pickup options, while some of its stores might enable walk-in services with upscaled protective measures.

Concomitantly, latest announcement of the Cupertino, CA-based iPhone maker came against the backdrop of its prior move to reopen a hatful of stores in the US state of Alaska, Idaho and Alabama earlier in the month. In point of fact, Apple Inc.

had closed down nearly all of its stores across the globe due to the pandemic outbreak, nonetheless, the iPhone manufacturer had started off reopening some of its stores based on local health data.

Apple Inc. sets to reopen 100 US stores as walk-in shops would require screening before entrance

Aside from that, as Apple Inc.

was mulling an option to reopen about 100 stores across several US states, under the California-based tech behemoth’s new guideline, its stores with walk-in services would require customers to wear masks before entering, while the company itself would provide the customers with masks in case they have none.

In tandem, the stores with walk-in services would require all of their employees and consumers to go through a temperature screening procedure, while the adoption of stiffer social distancing rules would curb out the number of people allowed to stay in the stores at the same time, a move what the iPhone manufacturer said could cause delays for walk-in customers.

Meanwhile, adding that the Cupertino-based iPhone maker would allow its customers to handle the display products as it had been before the onset of the pandemic outbreak, Apple Inc. Retail Chief Deirdre O’Brien wrote in a letter to the customers, “Throughout the day, we’re conducting enhanced deep cleanings that place special emphasis on all surfaces, display products, and highly trafficked areas.