HK officials lash out on US as Trump sets to suspend Hong Kong’s special status

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HK officials lash out on US as Trump sets to suspend Hong Kong’s special status
HK officials lash out on US as Trump sets to suspend Hong Kong’s special status

As a consequential repercussion of the US President Donald Trump alongside his Administration’s latest move to strip down the special status of the China-controlled island city of Hong Kong, which had shrugged off its standing as the Asia’s No.

1 Financial HubSpot last year following month-long pro-democracy protests, top officials of Hong Kong said on Saturday that the US President Trump had been “completely wrong” over his latest move to wind down the autonomous Chinese city’s special status.

In point of fact, latest leg of fresh barbs from the Hong Kong officials came forth as the US President Donald Trump had suspended all of the US privileges for the freest Chinese city following a Chinese Government’s move to summon a special “National Security Law” aimed at dealing with the China-controlled global Financial HubSpot’s pro-democracy protest, since the instrumentation of the newly approved law would enable the Chinese Government of President Xi Jinping to establish law enforcement agency holdings of Mainland China in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong to leap forth on new law as US expat businesses mourn

Adding further strains on an accelerating Sino-US spat over Hong Kong issue, the US President Donald Trump said later this week that the United States would no longer treat Hong Kong as an economically privileged global financial HubSpot and some of the top Hong Kong officials, who were in favour of holding forth with the newly approved “National Security Law” could face US sanctions, while as an inevitable repercussion, adding that the island city of Hong Kong, which the United Kingdom was almost forced to hand over to China back in the 1998s, could not be threatened, Security Minister John Lee said to the reporters on Saturday, “I don’t think they will succeed in using any means to threaten the (Hong Kong) government, because we believe what we are doing is right.

” Aside from that, as the US President was quoted saying on Friday that the United States would take necessary steps to revoke the China-controlled island city’s preferential treatment as a separate travel and customs territory, the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong President Tara Joseph said in a statement on Saturday, “This is an emotional moment for Americans in Hong Kong and it will take companies and families a while to digest the ramifications.

Many of us ... have deep ties to this city and with Hong Kong people. We love Hong Kong and it’s a sad day. ”

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