Seattle retailer Amazon boss Bezos invests in UK digital freight forwarder Beacon

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Seattle retailer Amazon boss Bezos invests in UK digital freight forwarder Beacon

On Sunday, the UK-based freight forwarder Beacon, formed by two former Uber executives less than two years ago, said in a statement that the UK-based freight forwarder start-up had raised an upsum of $15 million in a Series A fundraising from heavyweight investors such as Inc.

chief Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man to date alongside the venture capital firm 8VC. In point of fact, while the Chief Executive and founder of the world’s No. 1 online retailer, Inc., Bezos had picked the digital freight forwarder start-up for his latest investment, the British company which had also a supply chain finance firm that offers real-time data on global shipping prices and costs alongside cargo deliveries, had already obtained backing from the ride-sharing pioneer Uber founders Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick, while the former Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt, 65, the current Chair of US Department of Defence’s Defence Innovation Advisory Board, had also been among the Beacon investors.

Amazon’s Bezos invests on Beacon as the UK start-up seeks market expansion

Meanwhile, in its Sunday’s statement, Beacon was also quoted saying that the financing it obtained through its latest leg of fundraising, would be invested on new recruitments, technology alongside market expansions and potential research and development (R&D).

However, Amazon had declined to comment over the retailing industry tycoon boss Bezos’ involvement on the British digital freight forwarder while being asked over the issue, a press agency reported late on the day.

On top of that, followed by the announcement of Beacon, logistic services of which include global air, ocean and truck freights, voicing an out-and-out optimism over the digital freight forwarder’s recent fundraising which involved heavyweight investors such as Amazon boss Jeff Bezos as beforementioned, Beacon Chief Executive, Fraser Robinson, a former Uber executive, said in a statement, “With digitalisation accelerating globally as a result of COVID-19, we believe the future of the traditional freight forwarder is more precarious than ever. ”