Mexican broadcaster Televisa to launch mobile phone service in challenge to Slim

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Mexican broadcaster Televisa to launch mobile phone service in challenge to Slim

Mexican multinational mass media company, Grupo Televisa, often dubbed as simply Televisa, the second-largest in Latin America, had issued a statement late on Sunday saying that the mass media industry titan would start-off offering mobile phone services aimed at throwing down the gauntlets to the American Movil of the billionaire businessman Carlos Slim, who for long has monopolized the country’s telecommunication market.

In point of fact, according to the Mexican mass media giant, a majority of whose programs are aired in the United States on Univision under an exclusive contract, instead of building the infrastructures from the scratch, Televisa would act as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) and would begin to offer its mobile phone services to its existing customers of home internet packages and cables as early as on Monday, while the broadcaster would rent telecom networks from the Mexico’s wholesale bandwidth service provider Altan Redes.

Televisa to launch mobile phone services from Monday

In tandem, Chief Executive of Izzi, a subsidiary of Televisa under which the mass media company operates its cable and home internet businesses, Salvi Folch said in an interview following the Televisa statement that the mass media giant had plans to launch its mobile phone services in the later part of the third quarter this year, nonetheless, in alignment with a jump in pandemic cases which eventually had led to a clampdown on economic activities, the Televisa executives had felt the opportune moment to create demands for low-priced phone packages that could challenge the country’s existing telecom industry megalith American Movil and had decided to roll out its mobile phone services as early as by Monday.

Meanwhile, echoing the leads of a common saying in the financial world “never miss a crisis,” Izzi Chief Executive Folch said late on the day, “The pandemic made us accelerate our plans. People will have to spend less on some services,” adding the company was contemplating the pandemic-led crisis as an opportunity to grow beyond its initial expectations.