Canton’s Dunkin’ franchisees to hire up to 25,000 workers as US states reopen

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Canton’s Dunkin’ franchisees to hire up to 25,000 workers as US states reopen

Canton, Massachusetts-based coffeehouse company, Dunkin’ Donuts, officially called as simply Dunkin’ since 2019 and owned by the Dunkin’ Brands Group Inc., had issued a statement on Monday saying that the Canton-based coffeehouse company had been exploring an option to start-off a hiring spree for as many as 25,000 workers as the company appears to be doing the spadework for a higher demand following months of countrywide lockdown.

On top of that, the Massachusetts-based coffeehouse chain, Dunkin’ was also quoted saying at the statement that the company had resumed operations on 90 per cent stores adding the company’s new recruitment drive would include a deluge of wide-ranging jobs such as managerial roles at restaurants and a flurry of front-of-counter jobs.

Besides, adding that the company would also initiate a nationwide advertisement campaign in English and Spanish for the recruitments and would team up with the Southern New Hampshire University to offer low-cost college education in online to its employees, a spokeswoman for Dunkin’ said late on Monday that the company’s management had shown an upscaled commitment towards divergence during the inclusions.

Dunkin’ hiring bonanza springs as US job data twinkles

In point of fact, latest Dunkin’ announcement of a potential recruitment initiative came forth a couple of days after the US Labour Department had stunned the analysts with a surprise gain of 2.5 million jobs in non-farm payroll in May, which the US President Donald Trump had touted as the United States’ greatest economic recovery of all times.

Meanwhile, the Canton-based coffeehouse company hiring spree came as the latest justification of a scintillating outlook on US job data over the coming weeks despite a downbeat JOLTS (Job Opening and Labour Turnover Survey) report released on Tuesday, several industry analysts were quoted saying following the Dunkin’ announcement that the US economy might just be bottomed and an uphill battle towards recovery might just instigate earlier-than-anticipated.