Seattle coffeehouse chain Starbucks forecasts $2 billion drop in quarterly earning

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Seattle coffeehouse chain Starbucks forecasts $2 billion drop in quarterly earning

On Wednesday, Starbucks Corp., the Seattle, Washington-based American multinational Coffeehouse chain, the world’s largest in terms on revenues, had issued a statement saying that the world’s No. 1 chain of coffeehouses and roastery services across the globe had been expecting a plunge of $2.2 billion at its current-quarter operational earning adding that the company was also anticipating its sales to experience an unprecedented scale of slump over the rest of the year even though a lion-share of the US economy had been reopened.

In point of fact, latest downbeat projection from the Seattle-based coffeehouse chain has been added to a tally of a number of long-cherished US-based restaurants and fast-food chains including McDonald’s which had also reported downbeat projections in sales for the rest of year, as a significant portion of potential consumers appeared to be preferring to remain locked down and to rely heavily on online deliveries amid a pandemic outbreak at large, although a raft of major economies in the bloc alongside US states and territories had reopened the economy.

Starbucks to permanently close 400 stores in America

On top of that, adding further woes on to the world’s largest coffeehouse chain’s record financial downturn in a quarter, Starbucks had also told at its statement that the Seattle-based coffeehouse chain would permanently shut down around 400 stores across the United States over the next one year and a half, while the company had also been mulling an option to slash its slated new store openings by half to 300 this year.

Besides, according to the Starbucks Wednesday’s forecast, the company was expecting a drop of 45 per cent in US same-store sales, while the company was anticipating its same-store China sales to drop between 20 per cent to 25 per cent.

Aside from that, Starbucks had also projected its current-quarter operating income to drop between $2 to $2.2 billion, compared to an operational earning of $1.07 billion at the same time a year earlier.