Washington's report on Child labour in West African cocoa farms faces review

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Washington's report on Child labour in West African cocoa farms faces review

A US report scheduled to be published over the coming weeks regarding a rise in child labours in the West African cocoa sector, would be reviewed independently following disputes from Ivory Coast and Ghana regarding the report’s methodology, the US Labour Department had told in a statement later last week.

Nonetheless, the US Labour Department, which had sponsored the research report, did not disclose whether the review by a perspicacious bunch of independent industry analysts might delay the publication of the report which was due to be published later this month.

However, a draft copy of the US report on growing child labours in the West African cocoa industry seen by a press agency reporter had unveiled that the usage of child labours in the cocoa firms in Ivory Coast and Ghana, the world’s leading cocoa producers, soared significantly over the past decade despite pledges from the chocolate manufacturers alongside cocoa traders to reduce it.

Ivorian and Ghanaian Government oppose Washington report

Meanwhile, followed by the reveal of the draft report sponsored by the US Labour Department, the Government of Ivory Coast and Ghana had disdained the report saying the aspects of methodology of the report alongside the data collection and comparison methods should be subjected to further review.

On top of that, latest objections on the US report showing a rise in child labours in cocoa firms in the Western African countries, came forth nearly five years after a previous US Labour Department report had been turned out to be flawed.

In concomitance, adding the US Labour Department had every reason to believe the researchers had made supreme efforts to consult the two Governments, but had accepted the Governments’ request for an independent review as part of a “good faith,” a spokeswoman for the US Labour Department said in a statement, “Our expectation is that NORC will take into proper consideration the findings of the Experts Group, and as necessary and where possible, make any appropriate adjustments to the report. We trust that the two governments will respect the findings of this independent Experts Group”.