Washington to allow Huawei to work with US companies on 5G & other standards

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Washington to allow Huawei to work with US companies on 5G & other standards

The US Commerce Department had released a new set of rules on Tuesday which would enable the US companies to work with the China’s Huawei Technologies to prepare standards for fifth-generation networks alongside other Gen Z technologies, suggesting a US move which could de-escalate tensions between the world’s first- and second-largest economies that had been deteriorating sharply over the recent past on Hong Kong issue.

In point of fact, latest development on the Sino-US trade frontiers came forth a couple of weeks after the US President Donald Trump had suspended all kinds of special privileges for the China-controlled island city of Hong Kong citing a new rule that could prevail Hong Kong citizens alongside businesses from enjoying their autonomous status.

Aside from that, a press agency report had been quoted saying yesterday that the rule to allow Huawei to work with the US companies on fifth-generation networks standards had been approved and sent to the Federal Register, while the new set of legislations would likely to formally publish on Thursday by the official US Government Journal.

New US rule amends “Huawei entity”

In point of fact, according to the announcement made by the US Department of Commerce, the newly approved rule had altered the Huawei’s “listing” on USTR that had been restricting the sales of US goods and technologies to the Chinese company and had been inclined on the world’s no.

1 networking gear manufacturer nearly a year ago citing national security concerns. Meanwhile, adding that the Huawei alongside 114 other foreign entities would continue to participate in many international standards organizations in which the US companies would also participate, the rule explained, “It is important to U.S.

technological leadership that U.S. companies be able to work in these bodies in order to ensure that U.S. standards proposals are fully considered”. Though, questions remained on which US technologies the US companies would be able to share with the Huawei Technologies.