Alphabet Inc.’s Google rolls out new ad features to help small businesses

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Alphabet Inc.’s Google rolls out new ad features to help small businesses

On Wednesday, Google LLC., the Alphabet Inc.-owned world’s No. 1 internet service provider had phased in new advertisement features aimed at assisting local businesses to receive more attention and to recover from the pandemic-driven economic slump.

In point of fact, Google LLC.’s latest ad features came a day after the US retail sales had reported a record surge in May after having been battered in March and April due to the pandemic-led forced closures. More importantly, Google had also told on Wednesday that people across the world had been looking for local services such as carpet cleaning or air conditioning repair on their mobile phones, however, a majority of the offline business owners in the third-world still do not have a website so that Google could trace them.

Nonetheless, the Mountain View, CA-based online advertising industry mogul and the search engine giant, had also added on its Wednesday’s statement that people who were looking for local services, would now be able to book services directly through Google LLC.

Small Google tool to promote small businesses in Google map for free until September

In factuality, Google LLC. had unfurled a small tool on Wednesday that would help small business owners easily set their locations up in the Google Map for free until September this year and the Alphabet Inc.-owned online advertising industry behemoth would also promote the small businesses without any charges until end-September.

Besides, the tech titan was also quoted saying that the companies would be able to place a pin on the Google Map that would be revealing their locations, a feature normally available for the paid campaigns, and would share an insight of the services they were offering.

Meanwhile, adding that the program had been set in motion at a time when a majority of the global-scale retailers had been in a dire shortage of products amid a global-scale lockdown in many parts of the world, the vice president and general manager at Google’s advertising products, Jerry Dischler said in an interview with a press agency on Wednesday, “We play an important role to match demand with businesses around the world”.