California's iPhone maker Apple to shut some US stores again as pandemic cases spike

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California's iPhone maker Apple to shut some US stores again as pandemic cases spike

Apple Inc., the Cupertino, CA-based manufacturer of iPhones, said in a statement on Friday that the tech behemoth was going to shut down some of its stores again in the US states of Florida, Arizona, North Carolina and South Carolina, pointing towards a pandemic resurgence in the United States.

In point of fact, later on May, the Trump Administration had decided to open up its economy by sidestepping warnings from the health officials including the United States’ Pandemic operation head Anthony Fauci, who had expressed sheer frustration on Trump Administration’s role in containing the pandemic outbreak earlier in the day, nonetheless, the US economy had shown little response to the re-opening according to the latest available data including a lag in decline of initial jobless claims.

In Apple Inc.’s viewpoint, the Cupertino-based maker of the iPhone had been planning to reopen about 100 stores across the United States, mostly with curb-side pickup alongside a few with walk-in services in late May following an ease of the lockdown measures, however, as the pandemic cases were rising steadily in the United States, Apple Inc.

had decided to re-close some of its stores, which in effect had heavily weighed on Friday’s Wall St.

Apple Inc. shares sour alongside Wall St.

On top of that, followed by the Apple Inc.’s announcement that it was going to shut down some of its US stores on a temporary basis, shares’ prices of Apple Inc.

had winded down the day 0.57 per cent lower to $349.72 after falling as much as 2.25 per cent in the late-midday trading hours, while the US stocks had winded down the day sharply lower. Meanwhile, in a letter to the Apple consumers dated late on May, Apple Inc.’s retail Chief, Deirdre O’Brien said, “These are not decisions we rush into — and a store opening in no way means that we won’t take the preventative step of closing it again should local conditions warrant,” adding that the company would look at the pandemic data on a local basis and re-closing would remain as a malignant possibility based on the data.