California Disneyland workers’ unions say slated July 17 reopening may be too early

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California Disneyland workers’ unions say slated July 17 reopening may be too early

In the wake of a likely resurgence in pandemic outbreak in the United States, the workers’ union representing 17,000 workers of the entertainment industry tycoon Walt Disney Co.’s Disneyland Resort in California sent a letter to the state Governor Gavin Newsom saying the Unions were not convinced that the theme parks, located in the southern part of the US state of California, would be safe enough to reopen by July 17 as the company had announced earlier.

On top of that, as beforementioned, in a letter to the California Governor Gavin Newsom, the Coalition of Resort Labour Unions had told that they had been in talks with Walt Disney Co. since mid-March when the theme parks were closed in order to contain the pandemic outbreak, however, following repeated media headlines suggesting a pandemic outbreak had still been at large in the United States, the workers’ Union were not yet convinced about the safety compliances, adding “Unfortunately, despite intensive talks with the company, we are not yet convinced it is safe to reopen the parks.

” In point of fact, the Walt Disney Co. resort in Anaheim, Southern California, harbours the California Adventure Park alongside the Disneyland theme park, both of which were scheduled to be reopened by July 17, however, Disney would require approval from the State Governor Newsom in order to open up its Disneyland’s gate for the tourists and associated businesses.

Disney reaffirms safety compliances “at the forefront of its planning”

Meanwhile, followed by the reveal of the letter that was sent to the California Governor Newsom in a bid to delay the re-opening of CA Disneyland, as a consequential repercussion, a spokesman for Walt Disney & Co.

said on Friday, “We look forward to continued dialogue with our unions on the extensive health and safety protocols, following guidance from public health experts, which we plan to implement as we move toward our proposed, phased reopening,” adding the company has been stirring up measures related to the safety of the workers and the guests.

In factuality, the worldwide closures of Disney’s theme parks led to a nearly $1 billion in losses over the first quarter of the year.