Downing Street tells telecoms to hoard Huawei gears in light of new US sanctions

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Downing Street tells telecoms to hoard Huawei gears in light of new US sanctions

Amid conflicting narratives over the fate of Huawei Technologies’ fifth-generation networking gears in the bloc, the British Government of PM Boris Johnson had asked the UK telecom operators to stockpile Huawei’s 5G equipment on frets that the latest round of US sanctions on Huawei would be foundering the Chinese firm’s ability to maintain critical supplies, a letter sent to the UK telco operators from British intelligence officials seen by a press agency reporter had unveiled on Friday.

As a matter of fact, despite an ongoing lobbying effort from the Trump Administration to bar Huawei from developing Europe’s fifth-generation networking framework over national security concerns, the UK PM Boris Johnson had granted a limited role to the world’s No.

1 telco gear maker in its fifth-generation networks back in January this year. However, since PM Johnson’s approval of Huawei’s role in developing the Kingdom’s next generation networking gears, the officials in the 10 Downing Street had been facing off a flurry of criticisms from the group of so-called five-eyes alongside some Conservative lawmakers as well, who had repeatedly argued Huawei’s role in 5G network development citing that the company’s equipment pose severe security risk, an allegation that Huawei has been denying for more than a year and a half.

Senior National Cyber Security Centre asks Vodafone & BT to stockpile Huawei 5G gears

Meanwhile, at least three sources familiar with the subject-matter were quoted as saying in a press agency report on Friday that the Senior British Intelligence Officials had asked a number of British telecom operators to store Huawei equipment over frets that the newly imposed sanction on Huawei, which would prevent its access from the US-borne advanced microchips required for its fifth-generation equipment alongside 5G smartphones, would likely to cripple Huawei’s footings in the fifth-generation networking development.

Besides, emphasizing on the threats which Huawei’s telco gears pose on UK’s national security, the letter sent to the leading telecom operators in UK said, “Ensuring that products and components are kept up-to-date is essential to maintaining the security of networks.

Escalating U.S. action against Huawei may affect its ability to provide updates for products containing U.S. technology. ” Nonetheless, as an inevitable repercussion, confronting Trump Administration’s politically motivated lobbying efforts, Huawei Vice President Victor Zhang said shortly after the reveal of the British intelligence’s letter, “Our customers are our number one priority and we are working with them to ensure business continuity.

We strongly oppose politically-motivated actions by the US that are designed to damage our business and are not based on evidence.