Mexico freezes bank accounts of entities sanctioned by US on Venezuela spat

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Mexico freezes bank accounts of entities sanctioned by US on Venezuela spat

Financial Crime Department of the Centre-right Mexican Government of President Manuel Lopez Obrador had frozen a number of bank accounts of companies alongside people blacklisted by the United States later this week over accusation of aiding the Venezuelan military-backed President Nicolas Maduro’s Government to avert the US sanctions, Chief of the Mexico’s Financial Crime Department had unveiled on Friday.

On top of that, without disclosing the details, Mexico’s Financial Intelligence Unit Chief Santiago Nieto was quoted saying in an interview with a press agency at the later part of the day that the frozen bank accounts belonged to all of those entities and individuals blacklisted by the office of USTR (United States Trade Representative), remarking the first Mexican move against the US sanction-hit Venezuela’s state-backed oil giant PDVSA.

In point of fact, latest move from Mexico came forth a day after the United States had imposed sanctions on four Mexican firms such as Joaquin, Leal Jimenez, Olga Zepeda and Veronica Esparza over accusation of plotting to avert US Sanctions on PDVSA along with Libre Abordo, Schlager and Alex Saab, arrested last week in Cape Verde, while the office of USTR was quoted saying “Saab and Leal, working with Mexico-based Libre Abordo and Schlager Business Group, brokered the re-sale of over 30 million barrels of crude oil on behalf of (Venezuela’s state-run) PDVSA”.

Aside from that, according to Thursday’s claim of the office of USTR, Libre and Schlager, both of whose accounts were frozen in Mexico on Friday, had been re-selling Venezuelan crude in the Asian markets since late-2019 under an oil-for-food treaty with the Venezuelan Government by framing the deal as a humanitarian provision.

Libre Abordo prepares legal defence as US ramps up pressure on Venezuela’s Maduro

Meanwhile, as the Trump Administration had been heightening up pressure on the military-backed Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in a bid to cripple the oil-rich country’s core source of revenue, adding that the Mexican company had been preparing legal defence against the latest move of Mexican intelligence, Libre Abordo said later on the day, “We are convinced that this action will contribute to ratifying the legality of all our operations.

” However, Libre Abordo had announced bankruptcy last month after losing over $90 million citing tremendous scale of US pressure.