Huawei to receive planning permission to build £400 million R&D facility in UK

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Huawei to receive planning permission to build £400 million R&D facility in UK

Amid conflicting narratives over the fate of Huawei’s fifth-generation networking gears in Europe, the UK-based Sunday Times newspaper had reported that the world’s no. 1 telecom equipment manufacturer, China’s Huawei Technologies, was expecting a planning permission to build a £400 million R&D Centre in Britain’s’ Sawston Village, heightening up debates over Huawei Technologies’ entrance into the European markets.

In point of fact, latest Sunday Times report came forth a day after media headlines had unveiled that the 10 Downing Street alongside the British intelligence had asked the major telecom operators in United Kingdom to hoard up the fifth-generation Huawei equipment citing a likely escalation in Sino-US rift alongside the latest leg of sanctions on the Chinese telecom giant could cripple its 5g operations.

If truth is to be told, the Trump Administration had inclined a new set of sanctions on China’s Huawei Technologies last month under which the US-based chipmakers would be unable to sell products built on US technology to a number of Chinese entities including the sanction-hit Huawei.

On top of that, the media report published later this week had also added that the new sanction on Huawei would prevent it from receiving an advanced microprocessor chip built on US technology, critical to instrument Huawei’s fifth-generation networking gears, and would likely to handicap the Chinese telecom titan’s 5G operations.

Nonetheless, against all of the odds and robust lobbying efforts from the Trump Administration, it appeared that the UK Government might just be able to withstand pressures from its long-time ally.

Huawei to build £400 billion UK R&D facility 11kms from Cambridge

More importantly, according to the Sunday Times report, Huawei’s UK facility, which would be built for researching and developing chips for the broadbands, would be built about 11 kilometres from Cambridge, while the newspaper had also added that the South Cambridgeshire District Council was being advised to approve the company’s application.